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Gone are the days when people used to open a brick and mortar shop to sell their products. With the technology growing every second, the lifestyle, business modules and the way business are conducted has changed. 

Shopify eCommerce is a platform that helps you build a strong and sturdy eCommerce business without you worrying much for any technicalities. 

Shopify eCommerce is one such platform that allows you to have the peace and happiness of owning a business. Unlike other eCommerce platforms, Shopify eCommerce offers a great set of tools that minimises the effort of a business owner and not to forget the costs it saves. 

Today we as a Shopify web designer, bring you the details of these tools that will let you know why you need to migrate to  Shopify eCommerce as an online business owner. Our team of Shopify Experts have listed out everything you got to know.  If you are a newbie and trying to start a new eCommerce business this read will be a session of knowledge gain! 

Without any further delay, let’s get to our Shopify Experts tips. 

  • Abandoned Cart Recovery 

One of the significant issues online stores need to confront is the Abandoned Cart. It has been discovered that the normal Abandoned Cart rate online is practically 70%, which implies that 7 out of 10 individuals desert their carts and depart from your Shopify website without purchasing. 

Indeed, this is an enormous number of offers that you are loosing up. All things considered, with Shopify eCommerce, you can send messages to those guests who surrendered their carts, reminding them to buy from you. This alternative is accessible even in the basic plan. With the advanced plan, the guests who abandoned carts will get reminder emails automatically. Indeed, this component could help you a great deal in boosting your Shopify website  sales.

  • Create Customer Profiles - It is a common practice for online stores to ask their customers to create an account with them, before purchasing. It is also imperative that you do the same. With these accounts, it is would be easy to track and monitor the purchase history of the users. It can help you easily identifying your best customers. By this way, you can send targeted sales emails and make more sales.

  • Auto-calculate Shipping Prices for Each Customer - Calculating shipping costs is one of the most tricky aspects of an online store. The problem with it is that if you underestimate, you could lose a lot of money, and if you overestimate, you could scare the users off. In Advanced Shopify plan, you can use real time carrier shipping feature. This would calculate the exact cost of shipping for each customer based on their location and the product.

  • Integrate Shopify with Facebook - You can recreate the entire shop on your Facebook page with a ‘shop’ tab. This can help your customers to buy straight from you without needing to redirect to your website, ensuring a smoother sales process. The Facebook store has an API that helps it to automatically syncs payments and inventory with your Shopify account. With this feature, you manage everything from one place.

  • Use Shopify Experts - Shopify has listed many Shopify Website Development Company as Shopify Experts. They can undertake any service you require, be it Shopify theme customization or anything else.

These are some of the ways by which you can easily boost sales in your Shopify store. For professional Shopify online store setup needs, you can avail the services of the best shopify e-commerce development company.

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