How to grow Internationally with Shopify Store


Through Shopify ecommerce platform, it is now easy to expand the online store of businesses to multiple countries. There are many instances of Shopify owners who began their business with a small regional store to serve customers from different parts to the world. Well, what it provides businesses with is better sales and better profit. So, why exactly would you need to expand your store?

Shopify ecommerce businesses now can easily sell their products anywhere across the world, and not just in their own backyard. But, despite the many features that e-commerce platforms provide, most businesses have not made use of most of them.

Shopify make more sales

As mentioned earlier, expanding your online store to different regions can help you in acquiring more customers and make more sales. This would undoubtedly be much beneficial for your business. If you are just selling in one country, you are limiting your customer base and ignoring the chance to build your business even bigger. By expanding to other areas, you can provide local shipping options and currencies, making it easier for your international customers. This will help you attain more sales.

Shopify accepts payments in local currency

Your online store can display any number of currencies, but you can only accept payment in your store’s default currency. So, if your store is based in U.S.A and have customers in Australia and U.K, your customers would have to pay in U.S dollars in order to purchase from you. In this scenario, it would be less conversions that what you could receive once your provided local currency option.

Shopify has more control over products

By creating local stores, you can have control over what product must be purchased by people of one region and what not they should buy.  By effectively managing individual shops that are linked together, you can manage and manipulate the inventory however you want.

Shopify targets local customers

 Marketing is a part and parcel of all business activities and it is a channel to attain more conversions and sales. If you are using Google AdWords or Facebook Ads to target customers, generate traffic and conversions, then you can provide a local option for more effective targeted advertising. Through marketing, instead of driving your Australian customers to your U.S store, where they are not willing to pay in USD, you can direct them to your Australian site. If it is done in the right way, creating a local store can help in increasing your ROI with paid advertising. It will help you to spend less and convert more.

Shopify offers local logistics

By creating a local store, you can offer shipping options to local customers. Promotions like free shipping above a certain amount can persuade people to purchase more from you.

These are the steps that you need to consider to grow internationally with shopify

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