Know about Handy Features in Your Shopify Store


You may be a seasoned Shopify expert owner , or you may have just begun an online Shopify website and getting to know your way around the store. 

You may have a fair knowledge of the various awesome features that Shopify website offers its customers with, making business easy and boosting sales.

But, is it all? Well, no. Shopify Store has got some other quality features designed to be of much help to  you. So, here are some of those quality features that you may not have known existed and adorn your online Shopify website :

  • Customer Groups - Customer groups can help make your online Shopify website be more organized. With customer groups, you can segment your customers into groups, say, based on the customer’s total spend on your store. With this, you can also run a promotion like providing them with a special coupon code or so. Customer groups also help you to export groups and send any email marketing campaigns to them specifically. So, if you wanted to inform a segment of your customers who live in a specific country about updated shipping rates, you can easily do that with this feature.
  • Future Publishing - Being able to schedule the publishing of your products can make everything easy. For instance, do you need to publish your products at a specified time, when you won’t have access to your computer. It is where future publishing comes to the fore. With future publishing, you can easily hide parts of your online store until a specific date and time. Your store will only publish the content at the dates and times that you specify.
  • Admin Search - Well, this feature allows you to dig around your Shopify ecommerce online store. This comes in handy when your Shopify store has tons of blogs, products, pages and such. With admin search feature, you can quickly and easily find information within your Shopify store, be it specific products, orders, customers, blog posts, collections and so on. You can access this feature by opening the search tool.
  • Two-step Authentication - Security is one important feature that all online stores should possess. This is where two-step authentication becomes important. With this feature, once you are logging in, you’ll need to provide the account password and a single-use authorization code generated by a mobile app or an SMS text message.
  • Secret Boss Key - Are you running your online store as a side project, in between your day job? Well, if you need help sneaking around your Shopify ecommerce online store, during your day job hours, just log into Shopify and type boss. Well, your store will be disguised as an Excel spreadsheet. This is the secret boss key.

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