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For Shopify to store a marketing strategy to succeed, CMOs need to possess a wide range of skills. The things that were considered as “niche knowledge” have become important things of today says many Shopify experts. This knowledge is essential to building a well-balanced marketing strategy says our team of Shopify experts. This gives rise to the need of CMOs to master the various techniques and become proficient in all types of marketing voice through our team of  Shopify experts.

Well, today in this blog we will discuss more about the trends and fads that our Shopify experts warns to keep an eye on:

  • Free Exposure is Over - The free exposure social media window has closed and brands should be willing to accept it. So now, in order to market your products or services, you would need a marketing budget, but you should have a clear idea on how much you have to spend. When social media first began its services, brands saw it as a chance for free promotion. At those times, people who followed you truly saw what you had posted. Now, the trend has changed to “pay to play”. In order to gain the exposure you desire, you should be willing to pay. What brands and thought leaders need to do is to start investing in building social pages confirms our team of Shopify experts. By building a variety of social pages, they can own as many audiences as possible, hints our Shopify experts .
  • Influencer Marketing - This is growing as a popular means of marketing and it will stay so. For brands and services with Shopify ecommerce, using someone who has an influential presence in the market and able to market their product is a great way to gain traffic and engagement. With many social media platforms providing label-ads, now CMOs must ensure that influencers should be open and honest about what they are marketing says our team of Shopify experts. In other words, transparency is key.
  • Don’t go for Outdated Tactics - Some marketing techniques are outdated, such as billboards. Well, there is no denying that it was once the best marketing medium that businesses could avail of. But now, in this time where everyone is glued to their phone and surfing the internet, billboards don't have much of a value advice for many shopify development company. There is  no need to invest in them as they won’t provide any ROI. Marketing through social and digital medium can help marketers to track the performance of their campaign in real time, which hints at shopify development company.

  • Use a Variety of Social Platforms - Social media platforms are many and the recurring debate is whether businesses should be on all platforms. Marketers and CMOs should realize that they are dealing with multiple challenges. For businesses that have just begun their digital marketing campaigns, it is better to stick with a single platform. But make sure that you are always looking for ways to start capitalizing on your successes and expanding your reach to other platforms. Businesses should be willing to change their content to fit each and every social platform. Only this will ensure great success and confirms Shopify ecommerce development experts.

  • Make use of trends- Trends change and they come and go. It's smart to use these trends related to your niche to increase the market reach, a new trade secret says our Shopify ecommerce development experts. Using these trends you reach a new set of customers easily and do the required marketing effectively, says many shopify development company.

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