Know about your PAID AD services in Ecommerce website


It is with great expectations that you would set out on a PPC advertising campaign for your Shopify website. You would fill in all the necessary components, adjust all features and wait for the miracle to happen, only to find your ads failing miserably and denting your Shopify store budget.

What would be the reason that the ads that you have published fail, while those of businesses around you reap huge rewards daily? Have you missed out on something? Have you put in something that has adversely affected the ads? Well, you would start pondering what went wrong and rue your bad luck. But the reason for this is simple, and it is the prime cause for most ad failures vouch shopify development company.

Before going into that, let us understand the situation where paid advertising comes in. paid Advertising campaigns are usually run when a business needs exposure or needs to sell its products. In most cases, the advertised element/item would be new.

It wouldn’t have any previous exposure and paid advertising would be the first channel to broadcast the product that your Shopify store owns. It is through these items that you aim to drive traffic back to your website says shopify development company.

The internet audience has become much more careful in choosing things and it is only after checking and weighing everything carefully that they would take action. So, what if you introduce to your audience as a new business with a new product they have never heard of before? Well, they won’t trust your product or service or even like it, and therefore, they won’t click and they won’t buy, says Shopify experts. This is the primary reason that your paid ads fail. So, is there a solution? Well, there are:

  • Get known by your Audience – Well, if you argue that through PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns you are trying to achieve that, know that it is not the best and only way to be known. Make use of and invest in organic channels like content marketing or SEO Search Engine Optimization) or PR or sponsorships or anything else you can get hold of to have your brand name and the name of your product out there. You can also make use of brand advertising, in fact, can work for this. Still popular, television ads can drive the CPC (Cost Per Click) down as people come to know about you. You can also make use of traditional offline advertising methods says shopify development company.
  • Advertise to a Public that Knows You – Using features like Google’s remarketing and retargeting, you can advertise to people who already follow you. Through these practices, you can easily get engagement, better conversion rate and drive down CPC says Shopify experts.
  • Use high-quality images to attract customers. A poor-quality image or videos will make a bad impression on your brand says Shopify experts.
  • Driving conversion through PPC is an easy task, provided you use the right methods and channels for brand propagation, says our Shopify experts.

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