Opencart to Shopify Migration for improving Business


The success you desire while venturing out into the vast world of Shopify ecommerce is best received when you use Shopify ecommerce platform. Well, this is not just any statement, but a true fact that is underlined by more than 600000 businesses that use Shopify for online retailing.

Shopify ecommerce is the most popular online store in the world which boasts of some of the best features that are essentially required by online stores. This is one of the most secure online stores with PCI Level 1 Compliance. This ensures that your online store and the sensitive information in it would be secure from the prying eyes of others.

Shopify is the easiest of online stores to use and delivers the best experience and satisfaction to your customers. This helps in ensuring that you have better sales compared to your competitors and stay well ahead of them in all respects. Shopify website is also the best website to use as a business, when it comes to functionality.

If you wish to migrate the data from your Opencart store to Shopify, it is best to avail the services of the agency providing the best Shopify website development services. They would be equipped with all the technical knowledge to ensure that no data is lost during the migration process, as it would cause you lots of trouble.

The best Shopify ecommerce web development company, with expertise in Shopify development company, can ensure that migrations are executed carefully, as you would need to migrate thousands of product pages. If not done in the right way, it can result in 404 error pages. Well, even a single error page is capable of taking people away from your Shopify website. It could also pose risks to your rankings and authority.

So now, let us just take a look at the data you can transfer from Opencart to Shopify ecommerce and achieve the next level business growth:

  • Product - You can migrate all the data related to your product from Opencart to Shopify. These include all of your product images, descriptions, product attributes, Stock Keeping Units products, manufacturer’s information and so on. The different variants and the weight, pricing, etc. can be easily migrated onto Shopify. You can also migrate, from OpenCart to Shopify, other sales-related information such as the quantity and price..

  • Product Categories - Businesses consider meta-title and description as the most important SEO attributes for any e-commerce website. But equally as important are categories description and category images. These data can easily be migrated while migrating your online store from Opencart to Shopify.

  • Customer Order Information - While migrating from Opencart to Shopify, you can also migrate invoices and along with it, you can also migrate customer contact information. This helps you in gaining valuable demographics data that helps you to target the right pool of potential buyers. You can migrate customers’ name, email address, telephone number, and all other relevant details. You will also be able to migrate the order date, order status, product price, quantity ordered, tax price, shipping price, and order comments. Information related to gift cards, coupon codes, Coupon from Date or Coupon to Date, Uses Per Coupon, Uses Per Customer along with the type of discount, the discount amount, and the amount spent can all be migrated with ease to Shopify.

  • Product Reviews - All information related to products reviews will be migrated over to the Shopify platform. Everything including Review Created Date, Rate, User name, Comment, Product, and Title can all be migrated easily.

Migrating to Shopify has become much necessary, if you are a business vying to achieve more business growth. With the ease of use and great functionality, through Shopify, you can provide your customers with the best shopping experience so that they would come to you, for more.

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