How Shopify website designing appears before us is not the same way how it appears before a search engine. It is highly important that you have a Shopify store setup that is search engine friendly, and also friendly for human users.

Whether you have spent thousands of dollars on shopify development company for owning the most stylish Shopify store  or just planning to start a blog, it does not matter. A Shopify website or a blog without proper SEO is a waste!

Let us check out how best SEO company achieves it:

  • The important content of your Shopify website should be in HTML text format says the head of our Shopify SEO agency. The easiest way to make sure that the text you display to your visitors is visible to search engines is by placing them in the HTML text on the page. It is important to note that images, flash files and other non-text content are often ignored by search engine crawlers. 
  • For those who are in search for a greater visual display style can make use of alt text for images, which assigns “alt attributes” in HTML to images in gif, jpg, or png format. This gives search engines a text description of the visual content. They can also supplement search boxes with navigation and crawlable links and flash or java plug-ins with text on the page.
  • As you are aware now, search engines need to see content so as to list pages in their keyword-based indexes. They also need to see links in order to find the content. This can be achieved by a crawlable link structure. This lets the web crawlers browse the pathways of a Shopify website, which helps them find all of the pages on a website. The common mistake made by most websites is that they structure their navigation in ways that search engines cannot access. This hinders their ability to get pages listed in the search engines’ indexes reveals one of the experts of our SEO services.
  • Keywords are an important element when it comes to the search process. The entire science of information retrieval is based on keywords.If you want your webpage to have a chance of ranking in a particular search result, make sure that the term or phrase is part of the crawlable content of your document.
  • The title element of your webpage is an accurate and concise description of a page’s content. Title tags are much critical when it comes to delivering user experience and search engine optimization. But, also remember that there are some practices that need to be followed for title tag creation, as a part of SEO activities. The first practice is that it should ideally be between 65-75 characters in length. You should also place the most important keywords close to the front. Including a brand name towards the end could improve the click-through rate. They should also be descriptive and readable, as they are the first interaction that new visitors have with your website.
  • The meta description is a short description of a page’s content. It can serve the function of an advertising copy and an important element in search marketing. A compelling description using important keywords can draw a much higher click-through rate of searchers to your page.

These are some tips that you can follow to have a search engine friendly website. For professional SEO services, you can hire the expertise of the best SEO company.

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