Top shopify e-Commerce trends to look out for in 2020


From almost 2 or 3 decades ago when the first Shopify eCommerce transaction did happen, till the present day, the industry of Shopify eCommerce is ever-evolving. With the passage of each year, many new trends would come to the industry, aiming at providing a better experience for customers and store owners.

Shopify eCommerce did take the world by storm. It added too much convenience to the customers that they could easily shop without leaving the comfort of their room. They could get the products delivered right at their doorstep and pay for the services online too. For store owners, it was an easier way to sell. Today, there are a large number of businesses, both large and small, selling products online.

In this highly competitive industry, in order to be competitive enough, businesses should ensure that they adopt the latest trends in the industry. So, what are the trends that businesses should pay close attention to in 2019? Here are some:

  • 5-Star Rated Customer Service – The age-old business mantra “Customer is King” hasn’t lost its relevance even today. Be it any business, big or small, experienced or new, the most important is their customers. Customers too have become accustomed to the convenience of online shopping and thereby it is important that businesses keep their customers happy by providing the best experience. Customers need to have an experience that is smooth, reassuring and secure in your online store. Businesses should also make sure that queries are responded to quickly and issues resolved

  • Big Data – Big data has been the trend in Shopify eCommerce industry for the past 2 years. Big data helps entrepreneurs to easily and effectively analyze shopping behaviour, trends and what products that are the best selling. Analyzing big data helps businesses to make more improvements in customer services, mobile commerce, security and many other areas. The growing trend is that now small businesses have started making use of big data. This helps them be more competent and aggressive and actively take on the bigger businesses. So, if you are a small business, it is no time for you to sit back and let others take the upper hand. 
  • Better Personalization – Showing product recommendations to each customer, according to his search and purchase can help in driving more sales to your website. Using the best product recommending engines can help businesses deliver a better and personalized shopping experience and driving up revenue for stores. The best way is to place the product recommendations in key areas, where you would catch the attention of the shoppers and prompt a purchase.
  • Enhanced AI – AI is the best that has happened to any Shopify website site and they are evident in online stores. Some of those AI-powered features would be automated live chatbots, advanced data analytics and inventory management tools.

These are the major trends that would define the e-commerce industry. Adopting these measures in their online stores would enable businesses to be much successful by delivering the best customer experience.

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